Where’s the Best Massage Place on the Big Island of Hawaii?

by | Aug 20, 2022 | Hawaii Massage Guides

There’s tons of options for finding a massage therapist in Hawaii, but the prices where tourists frequent may shock you. Finding the best massage depends on which side of the Big Island you are staying on – the dry side of Kona, HI, or the rainy side of Hilo, HI. If you want the best massage on the Big Island, the secret is to know where the locals go to get massages.

Everyone knows Hawaii is an expensive place, but getting a rejuvenating massage doesn’t need to be stressful or expensive. Beware of massage packages recommended with hotels and resort packages – often the massage prices are 3x-4x more expensive then necessary. The prices for a massage in Hawaii are simply more inflated in the areas that tourists frequent. This is simply because resorts know people are more likely to pay for anything while on vacation – even with sub-par service. They aren’t concerned with gaining repeat-customers, they’re just looking to make a quick buck off the constant influx of new tourists who yearn relaxation on the Hawaiian Islands.

Paying more for a massage in Hawaii doesn’t always mean you are getting a more relaxing message in paradise. In fact, some of the best massage services in Hawaii are well-kept secrets among locals. If you want the best quality massage for a reasonable price, you need to find places that actually have a loyal customer base – instead of the establishments who target tourists with price-gouging.

If you happen to make your way to the Kona side of Big Island Hawaii – make an appointment with Kona Hawaii Massage for a more down-to-earth massage experience. Instead of charging inflated prices that take advantage of unsuspecting tourists, Kona Hawaii Massage is priced similarly to what you’d expect to find at competitively priced massage studios on the mainland. You get the same quality of massage and expertise found at the expensive touristy places, with a more relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere overall.